Lawrence Robins is an eclectic mix of musical genius and businessman. As an entertainment entrepreneur, Lawrence packaged, produced, and marketed feature films, events, and internet companies. A naturally talented musician and artist, Lawrence has always been the mind behind big ideas, as is the case at SanovaWorks.

In 2002, Lawrence cofounded Physicians’ Continuing Education (PCE). In a few short years, PCE incubated the esteemed Journal of Drugs in Dermatology (JDD), followed by the Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic and Surgical conference (ODAC), and Educational Testing and Assessment Systems (ETAS) in addition to several other dermatology centered programs.

With the success of developing and servicing several captive markets in dermatology, PCE evolved to become SanovaWorks, a fully integrated strategic communications company servicing a multitude of specialties, including pediatrics, podiatry, internal medicine, and psychiatry, with reputable and distinguished residency programs, all raising the educational study bar. SanovaWorks has became the quintessential standard for strategic healthcare marketing and oversees the contribution of several hundred physicians in over five specialties in all available distribution mediums including live, print, web, and mobile.

Lawrence regularly travels abroad, but enjoys spending time in his native stomping ground, New York City.