Prior to joining SanovaWorks, Signe worked in environmental graphic design as an estimator/project manager for clients such as Starbucks Corporate Headquarters, REI Seattle, Scholastic, and the Kimpton Hotel Group. She went on to hold producer positions at some of New York’s leading corporate communications firms, where she worked with major clients such as Pfizer, developing and producing numerous internal corporate training programs including industrial/internal corporate videos, train-the-trainer workshops, intranet websites, and program roll-outs for sales teams at national conferences. Working closely with her clients, she had the ability to provide pragmatic solutions for their specific training needs.

When she joined SanovaWorks in 2004 she was instrumental in the creation and development of the now highly successful Educational Testing and Assessment Systems (ETAS). She became Vice President of Production in 2006 and then Vice President in 2013. Among her strengths is developing and enabling new, company-wide processes that increase company efficiencies and promote innovation. She continuously works to find new and inventive ways to involve and motivate employees and affect positive changes that improve the company’s bottom line. “Managing people, developing people, getting the best out of them, helping them understand the levels they can attain. I have an understanding of what it takes to get results from people.” Signe has played a central role in the development of SanovaWork’s organizational leadership and designs and delivers the company’s custom leadership development program. She is also the champion spirit behind the company’s ROWE policy (Results Oriented Work Environment) initiated companywide in 2013, that allows for greater flexibility and work-life balance for all SanovaWorks employees.

Signe hails from the Midwest (Chicago and northern Michigan), but her life’s travels and Viking blood have taken her across the country from LA to Santa Cruz to Seattle to Connecticut, New York City, and now to the beach in Florida. An avid angler and hiker, Signe is only truly happy when she’s near the water, and makes an annual trip to Alaska to be in tune with nature and the great outdoors. She lives with her husband, Kurt, and their dog Louis in St. Augustine, Florida and their farmhouse on the Old Mission Peninsula near the shores of Lake Michigan.