What inspires you? Humans that are kind, resilient, and phenomenal. My youngest sister and her husband are a perfect example of people that inspire me. Regardless to all they have to deal with they find the strength to push on and move forward. They inspires me every day to see the good in the mix of all the things life might through my way. I will forever admire them for the love that they share as they continue to move forward with a smile on their face regardless to the challenges that they face.

When I’m not at the day job, out with friends, running errands, shopping or working out. You would most probably find me at the gym.

Likes? Love dogs, traveling, long days at the beach, working out, yoga, hiking, hanging out with friends, dinning out, music and dancing.

Dislikes? Cruel people, dishonesty, and those that litter.

Favorite City: NYC because it’s the city that never sleeps and you will always find something to do – LA because the weather is always perfect and the beaches are just lovely.