Sanova’s Work Culture

Delivering Camaraderie Daily

Our goal = great place to work. And at the heart of our culture is our respect for each other. Brilliant minds and strong work ethic inspires a culture of appreciation, and we’re happy to say that you’ll find that here. And all that feeling respected and appreciated spurs us to roll up our sleeves and get down to business, but you’ll likely find us cracking jokes and – all right, having some fun – while we do it.

We’re a group of busy adults, and we treat each other like busy adults. We’re going all out ⎼ and winning ⎼ the battle of work-life balance. With our remote structure and results-oriented work environment, flexibility is part of our cultural DNA. We can work wherever our laptops take us. Don’t get us wrong, we work up a sweat along with the rest of them, but we’ve picked the locks and are not shackled to our desks while we do it. And it makes for a nice environment – some might even say – great.

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Giving Hope

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Sanova Culture

We Can Be Heroes

You want enthusiasm? You got it. Commitment? We bring it. Integrity? In spades. Grace? We are graceful, so graceful. And our team members are brimming in Entrepreneurial Spirit – In fact, these are the secrets of our success (shhh) and our internal mission statement. We try to incorporate these five elements into every day. And just to make it fun we all vie to be the most committed, have the most integrity, the most…well, you get it. And we like to notice and celebrate when we do. Bringing these things into your work makes you a hero in our book. Ever wonder how much commitment can fit into one company? You’d be surprised. We’ve set the world record over here.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

The Sum of Our Differences is Greatness

At SanovaWorks our greatest asset is our team. They are the foundation of what we produce and how. We support our team by embracing diversity, embodying the spirit of inclusion, and championing equity.

We celebrate our lived experiences.
We believe diversity propels innovation.
We are dedicated to growing our diversity.

We pledge to be an inclusive and safe workplace.
We acknowledge inclusion is a shared responsibility.
We hold ourselves accountable with an annual EDI report and plan of action.

We are on a journey to creating an equitable workplace, to build a more equitable world for all.

Read our 2020 EDI Report here.

Sanova Careers

Work with Us

Got something to contribute? Do you love what you do? Does SanovaWorks sound like the place for you? We are always seeking happy people with buckets of talent that can contribute to our goals and our success.

If you don’t see any current positions listed in your expertise, we may have a need for you on a freelance or contract basis. If you have skills in any of the areas below, we’d love to hear from you! Send your resume with a letter telling us what you’re all about, and samples of your work if you have them to: [email protected]. Please be sure to use the job title or specialty as your subject line.

Project Management
Web Design
Medical Writers
Medical Editors
Sales Representative
Marketing Manager

Sanova Gives Back

Using our Powers for Good

SanovaWorks believes in contributing to the greater good. We are grateful for the opportunities we’ve been given, and we’re dedicated to giving back to the community and causes near and dear to our hearts. We believe it’s part of being human and making the world a better place.

Sanovaworks volunteer week

Annual Volunteer Week

What began as a group Volunteer Day in 2013, has since evolved into an annual tradition. Each fall we dedicate a week to serve, as a way for us to work as one team, regardless of our location. SanovaWorks staffers are given an opportunity to participate at a volunteer program in their community. Groups of NYC-based staff often band together to help out at the Bowery Mission and One Sandwich at a Time, and our team members that are dispersed around the map participate in programs of their choice. Together we spend time, serving, helping, rolling up our sleeves, and getting our hands dirty (often literally). From blood donation centers, to animal shelters, to food bank programs, we’re all just happy to chip in.

One Sandwich at a Time Fun at SanovaWorks

One Sandwich At A Time

We support One Sandwich At A Time on their mission to feed the homeless and underfed. SanovaWorks staffers have donated their time to make sandwiches that are delivered to New York based shelters and distribution centers, where there is immediate impact for those that need it the most.

Compassionate Empathy in Action

Bowery Mission

Why do we love helping out at the Bowery Mission? They not only provide help to those in need, but a way for people to help themselves. Their transitional program offers true-life transformation opportunities, and allows participants to get back on their feet, providing the ultimate reward – giving them back their self-reliance and independence. We’re grateful to have been able to help out at meal service several times now, and look forward to doing it again – preparing and serving lunch to New Yorkers in need, and having the opportunity to meet and work with their amazing staff.

SanovaWorks Gives Back Culture

Morris Heights Health Center

The Morris Heights Reach Out and Read program promotes literacy in children, helping them to develop the academic and social skills to succeed. SanovaWorks supports these efforts with employee-donated books that are read to children in patient waiting areas and given to them at their well-child visits. SanovaWorks also holds an annual holiday coat, book, and toy drive to donate to the center for children that need them.

SanovaWorks Cares Culture VOLUNTEER Giving Back
Sanovaworks Ocean Conservancy

Environmental Awareness

SanovaWorks is proud to partner with American Forests, as a Sequoia Circle member, committed to ensuring that the countless environmental and societal benefits that forests provide to humans and all living things are protected for the future. With our annual gift, American Forests will continue and expand its work to protect and restore forests by:

  • Purchasing 1,000 seedlings to restore four acres of rural forest and create critical wildlife habitat
  • Securing 10 trees, six to eight feet tall, to plant along a city street to provide shade for the community
  • Purchasing and hanging approximately 70 pheromone patches to help protect mountain forests against destructive insects

Another partner we support in environmental awareness and protection is Ocean Conservancy, an organization dedicated to helping protect the ocean from today’s greatest global challenges through science-based solutions for a healthy ocean and the wildlife and communities that depend on it. We want to help make sure our oceans are healthy and vibrant for years to come. For more information on what Ocean Conservancy does and for the latest news around our ocean, check out:

Let’s take the next step and work together. CONTACT SANOVAWORKS