Few people can tell you where Tasmania is and fewer still could find it on a map. But, company president Shelley Tanner can do both. She was born and grew up there and much of that is evident in her personality given her love for nature, animals, and adventure.

Shelley’s association with the healthcare community began with her work as a Registered Nurse in Australia and England for 10 years. She completed postgraduate studies in Nursing, Health Promotion, and Public Health including a Masters of Health Science. Later, she worked on large-scale government health and wellness programs from the needs analysis stage through to implementation and evaluation. Her background managing a host of small businesses, including a novel security company and a jazz club, all come into play here, providing the proper perspectives and discipline.

As she stewards the company through new products and services, the latest digital marketing advances, and maintaining and expanding its client base, she welcomes the incumbent challenges and opportunities that arise. She proudly states, “I love being at work and I love our company. Creating a company culture that inspires, gives our staff a sense of professional fulfillment, a sense of belonging, that they are excited about and feel a connection to has always been a main focus for me—one of my most significant and fundamental goals.” Despite a hectic pace and schedule, she finds time to relax through writing, travel, and a strong interest in meditation which she credits with giving her personal clarity, concentration, and a clear view when it comes to decision making. She lives in New York.