Lawrence Robins – Chairman

Shelley Tanner – CEO/President

Signe Pihlstrand – Vice President

Luciana Halliday Nofal – Director of Sales and Marketing

Caroline Sophia Barrett – Director of Operations

Donald Morcone – Continuing Education Grants Manager

Courtney Cruickshank – Digital Product Manager

Janel Doyle – Client Relations Manager Events & Custom Projects

Karin Beehler – Executive Editor

Nick Gillespie – Assistant Publisher

Berenice Bonalanza – Program Manager

Krista Reznik – Senior Marketing Manager

Emily Lynch-Fries – Project, Logistics & Operations Administrator

Audra Stino – Senior Marketing Manager

Lucy James – Project Manager and Editor of JDD Supplements

Alejandra Herron – Graphic Designer and Conceptual Lead

Kathleen Leary RN – Associate Editor/JDD Production Manager

Dana Turner – Marketing Coordinator

Luz Figueroa – Scientific Publications Liaison

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