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September 2021


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NEW YORK, (September 25, 2021) –  Caroline Barrett, SanovaWorks Vice President of Operations

Volunteer Day at SanovaWorks was Friday, September 22nd.

SanovaWorks was closed on this day so team members were free to participate.

A Tradition of Helping Others

On Volunteer Day Team Sanova once again rallied and worked to support several different organizations and causes including, Afghani refugees, cleaning up our environment, ending hunger among children in Latin America, and helping record and edit news stories for those with vision loss. We wanted to make sure that our team was supported in their efforts to volunteer following COVID safety guidelines. We provided all the recommended reminders: “if you decide to volunteer in-person, please stay safe by wearing a mask, social distancing by 6 feet where possible, and washing your hands thoroughly and regularly.”

Our team reported back on how they participated in deeply inspiring, and safe, ways.

SanovaWorks Volunteer Day 2021

I’m so excited to help SIV and Parolee refugees from Afghanistan. My area will be welcoming 250 refugees. They need gift cards, for groceries, Uber, etc. They need clothing, toys, household items, toiletries. Yesterday, I collected donations. Today, I joined the weekly zoom meeting. Ongoing, I’ll be helping with the volunteer and ambassador items. Learn more at

“I’m headed back to the beach to clean up. Fire Island National Seashore is a national park that I’ve helped clean up last the last two years. Cleaning up garbage, single-use plastics, and balloons is an ongoing effort and I love that we get to participate every year!  Visit for more information.” 

I drove to Philly and my dad and I went for a walk in the woods and cleared 4 miles of trash along the way. We found all sorts of yucky waste – beer bottles, wrappers, cardboard, socks and bras!”

I spent all morning at Feed My Starving Children packing meals for kids and families in Latin America. I was part of a group of 10 other volunteers and we were able to pack 26 boxes (5,616 meals)!”

“A group of us got together to volunteer through the River Fund to pack and distribute groceries to those in need. It was such an honor to be able to serve those in need.”

I volunteered remotely by recording and editing news stories for a local radio station that specializes in reading out all of the local newspapers for those that have vision loss.”

“We participated in the NICU Strong Walk, an important cause that is so near and dear to our hearts. We wanted to show appreciation to all the nurses and doctors for their tireless work in such a difficult time! If you would like to donate, please visit this link. 

“I was happy to help prepare and clean for an event that raises $400k plus annually for local charities:

Thanks to Team Sanova, and everyone who takes time to give back in meaningful ways.


Caroline Barrett, SanovaWorks Vice President of Operations


By | SanovaWorks

NEW YORK, (September 16, 2021) –  Caroline Barrett, SanovaWorks Vice President of Operations

Over the last 20 years, we have seen life-changing advances for girls’ education and agency in Afghanistan. Sadly that progress is now at risk.

SanovaWorks stands in solidarity with Afghan women and girls here in the United States, in Afghanistan, and around the world. We firmly believe that every woman and girl has the right to education, safety, autonomy, and equality. 

SanovaWorks has made a donation to the organization, VOICE. WomanKind and Malala Fund are also offering support for Afghan women, girls, and refugees.


Womankind stands in firm solidarity with the Afghan people here in the United States, in Afghanistan, and around the world.

“As the world continues to watch the humanitarian crisis unfold, we are heartbroken for those who had to flee under life-threatening circumstances, for those who are currently still trying to escape, and for those who are left behind, especially women and children. 

It is often women and children who are the first to experience violence during conflict, and this trauma can last lifetimes. Every day, Womankind sees firsthand how gender-based violence and intergenerational trauma can affect survivors. It can be hard to undo. Add to that being a refugee and living through war, and now, the trauma is three-fold and compounded.

Womankind is certain that among the many refugees coming from Afghanistan, there will be those who have experienced all three traumas. And we stand ready with services and support to help them and their children build a path to healing.

Here is a list of different ways to support the Afghan community during this time. We will continue to update, so please check back often.”

Malala Fund

“Over the last 20 years, advances in girls’ education in Afghanistan have meant that more young women have been able to go to school and realize their ambitions for the future. But that progress — and those dreams — are now at risk.

The Taliban are back in control in Afghanistan. Thousands of girls may now be forced to marry or take on domestic labor. Young women who resist may be met with violent retribution.

We face new challenges in the fight to see every girl in school, but Malala Fund’s commitment to girls’ education remains the same. In Afghanistan and around the world: Every girl has the right to learn. Every girl has the right to safety and protection.”

Learn more about Malala Fund’s work for girls’ education in Afghanistan.

“Malala Fund is working to ensure the safety and security of our grantees in Afghanistan. Since 2017, we have invested close to $1.9 million in local Afghan organizations focused on addressing a nationwide shortage of female teachers and improving the quality of girls’ education. We are doing everything in our power to aid our partners and the thousands of girls they support — and remain steadfast in our mission to advance girls’ education in Afghanistan.

We are also focusing our efforts on advocating for leaders to open borders for Afghan civilians, increase humanitarian aid, and track and investigate violations of the rights of women and girls.

Malala Fund’s work is more important than ever.  

READ Malala’s article on Assembly about amplifying the voices of Afghan girls and women.