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NEW YORK, NY (Nov. 1, 2019) – SanovaWorks launches new Derm In-Review Study Guide and Online Image Companion free for dermatology residents and dermatology professionals.

Emerging and established academic leaders from all of the various fields within dermatology have come together to redesign and update the most comprehensive study guide and online image companion in dermatology board review. Derm In-Review’s 2019/2020 study guide and online image companion match the new and pending changes to examinations that lay ahead for dermatology residents. Changes include clinical guidelines, high-def, high-quality digital images and delineation of information appropriate for the Basic, Core and Applied exams as outlined in the Exam of the Future.

Study Guide Updates

The Derm In-Review study guide is over 400 pages and formatted for quick study and easy reference. It includes call-out text, tip boxes, highlighted text, mnemonic boxes and 300+ full-color images.  The study guide is comprised of five chapters:

Chapter 1: Basic Science (including Immunodermatology)

Chapter 2: Medical Dermatology

Chapter 3: Pediatric Dermatology

Chapter 4: Surgical Dermatology

Chapter 5: Dermatopathology

Request or Download the Study Guide

2019/2020 Derm In-Review study guides will be provided to all US dermatology residents in print. A free electronic version of the study will also be available for download on the Derm In-Review website. Log in or create a complimentary account and then go to Study Guide Request in your dashboard. Special thanks goes to the Derm In-Review advertisers and corporate sponsors: Aurora Diagnostics, Celgene, Lilly, and Novartis.

In addition, all of the study guide clinical images as well as additional clinical images will be available in the Online Image Companion.  This companion includes nearly 400 original images and will allow users to log on to the website to enlarge the images for enhanced viewing.  Over 100 images are dedicated to dermatopathology board review.

Exam of the Future

The American Board of Dermatology (ABD) is restructuring the In-Training and Certification exams—moving from our current approach of emphasizing knowledge retention and visual diagnosis to exams that better emphasize the application of knowledge using clinically relevant case scenarios. The Exam of the Future will be a staged evaluation with a BASIC exam designed for first-year residents, covering dermatology fundaments; CORE exam modules testing more advanced knowledge of senior residents about dermatology’s major clinical areas; and an APPLIED exam given after residency, which tests the ability to apply knowledge in clinical situations.

Visit the Derm In-Review website for more information.  If you would like to advertise or support Derm In-Review, please reach out to Luciana Nofal at [email protected].  Derm In-Review is a produced and published by SanovaWorks.



ODAC 2020 ARTE Dermatology Resident Scholarships


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ORLANDO (updated Oct.16, 2019) ODAC Dermatology, Aesthetic and Surgical (ODAC) conference announced the first round of dermatology resident scholarships for the January 17 – 20, 2020 meeting at the JW Marriott, Orlando, Florida.

ODAC has awarded over 3,000 dermatology resident scholarships over 16 years, and is hailed the #1 and largest scholarship program for dermatology meetings.

Each year, nearly 900 dermatologists and allied health professionals attend ODAC making it one of the largest medical, aesthetic and surgical dermatology conferences in the United States.  Of the 900 attendees, ODAC hosts over 150 US dermatology residents as part of the Advanced Resident Training Education (ARTE) Scholarship program.

Dermatology residents attending ODAC have the opportunity to be paired one-on-one with a mentor, publish with media partners, and present an abstract in the Annual ARTE Scholar Poster Session.  ODAC offers content specifically designed for the dermatologist-in-training including:

  • Dermatology In-Review Board Review Session hosted in conjunction with George Washington University
  • Resident Program Track with specific talks and workshops of most relevance for the resident attendee
  • 17th Annual Hands-On Aesthetic Training Workshop
  • 10th Annual Resident ARTE Scholar Poster Competition
  • Pair one-on-one with an expert mentor in the dermatology field
  • Publish in Next Steps in Derm

From July to October 18th, ODAC accepts over 500 scholarship applications from dermatology residents training at over 160 US Dermatology Residency programs for MD and DO.  Resident applicants submit their C.V., a letter of good standing for their residency and compete with other program residents for the coveted scholarship positions.

On behalf of SanovaWorks,  we would like to congrats the first and second round of ARTE Scholar Awardees:

Blair Saunders Allais MD
Kathryn Lee Anderson MD
Brandon Michael Basehore DO
Cassandra Beard DO
Lisa Bedford MD
Hamza Dastgir Bhatti DO
Nathan Bibliowicz DO
Nikoleta Brankov MD
Margaret E Brown MD
Soham Chaudhari DO
Judy Cheng MD
Hassie Cooper DO
Megan Cronin MD
George Olen Denny MD, MS
Shannon Quirk Detty MD
Ashley Marie Dietrich MD
Andrew Spiros Dorizas MD
Andrew Colin Duncanson DO
Misty Eleryan MD, MS
Amarachi Chioma Eseonu MD
Jessica Feig MD PhD
Aaron Yeu Wah Fong MD
Fabrizio (Marina) Galimberti MD PhD
Zachary Gillooly MD
Sibel Gokce MD
Alexandra Grammenos DO
Anna Gregoire MD
Erica Ann Grilletta M.D.
Christopher Haley M.D.
Ingrid Herskovitz MD
Angela Hou MD
Gabriel Isaza-Gonzalez MD
Reshmi Kapoor MD
Genevieve York Kaunitz MD
Trisha Khanna md
Raymond Kleinfelder DO
Steven Krueger MD
Olivia Yu-Ping Lai MD
Yi Chun Lai MD, MPH
Krista Larson MD
Danielle Raffaella Lazzara DO
Ming Hua Lee MD
Yumeng Li MD MS
Xiaoxiao Li MD, PhD
Sarah Lonowski MD, MBA
Jason Mammino DO
Eric Maranda MD
Samantha Alexa Marrone MD
Jacqueline McKesey MD, MS
John Richard Moesch DO
Tasneem Mohammad MD
Tejaswi V Mudigonda MD
Robert D Murgia DO
Nicole Negbenebor MD
Kevin Nethers MD
Sarah Nichols MD
Timothy Nyckowski D.O.
Amit Om MD
Jigar Patel MD
Manoj Karbhari Pawar MD
Quy Pham MD
Ji Qi MD
Saleh Rachidi MD, PhD
Asmi Sanghvi DO
William Schaffenburg MD
Gene Schwartz MD
Mehreen Joy Sheikh DO
Betty Song MD
Olivera Stojadinovic MD
Shalini Thareja MD
Rebecca Stoner Thornhill MD
Jeffrey Wargo MD
Brooke Wehausen DO
Allison Weinkle MD
Annie Wester MD
Kiyanna Williams MD
Aubrey Elizabeth Winn MD
Yi Yang MD
Mina Zarei MD
Myron Zhang MD
Patrick Zito DO, PharmD

There is still time to apply! ODAC is accepting applications until October 18, 2019.  Apply now.


About ODAC

ODAC is the premier clinical dermatology conference expertly curated to provide comprehensive, annual updates and fresh pearls in medical, aesthetic and surgical dermatology.  The ODAC dermatology conference focuses on new uses for old treatments, incorporating new treatments, products and treatment lines, critical updates in diagnosis guidelines, as well as advanced techniques for enhancing your surgical and nonsurgical patient outcomes.