By April 16, 2021SanovaWorks

NEW YORK, (April 16, 2021) –  Caroline Barrett, SanovaWorks Vice President of Operations

Environmental Awareness Month

April 22  is Earth Day. The first Earth Day was observed in 1970, and since then the collective awakening to the threat of climate change has increased decade by decade, year by year.

April is Environmental Awareness Month at SanovaWorks and to demonstrate our commitment to Mother Earth and environmental justice we created initiatives that inspire eco-conscious living:

Yearly Corporate Donation

As we do every year, we will make a corporate donation to a non-profit dedicated to environmental protection and/or restoration. We make this a companywide initiative by asking for suggestions from Team Sanova. As you can see, we have supported wonderful organizations dedicated to preserving the environment.

  • In 2016 we partnered with American Forests, as a Sequoia Circle member
  • In 2017 we donated to both the Natural Resources Defense Council and American Forests
  • In 2018 we donated to Ocean Conservancy
  • In 2019 we donated to the Natural Resources Defense Council
  • In 2020 given the pandemic outbreak, we decided to donate instead to initiatives supportive of those most affected by COVID-19, including The Bowery Mission NYC and GetUsPPE
  • What will it be in 2021? [stay tuned for a future blog post announcement!]

Think Green & Get Some Green

We are also holding a friendly competition, Think Green & Get Some Green, where Team members can share their environmentally conscious and energy-saving tips and resolutions. The posts with the most “likes” will win eGiftcards! [check back for some great eco-tips in a future blog post!]

Environmentally Conscious Home Upgrades Stipend

And finally, our newest initiative – in the coming weeks we will be launching a stipend for employees that make environmentally-conscious investments to their home: e.g. installing solar panels, sourcing clean energy for electricity, installing a rainwater collector, installing a composter, etc.  We are excited to see what Team Sanova can do to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint.

With sunny regards,