NEW YORK, (October 9, 2020) –  Shelley Tanner, SanovaWorks CEO/President

Volunteer Day at SanovaWorks was Friday, September 25th.

SanovaWorks was closed on this day so team members were free to participate.

Safely Helping Others

We wanted to make sure that our team were supported in their efforts to volunteer amid a pandemic and following COVID safety guidelines. We provided all the recommended reminders: “if you decide to volunteer in-person, please stay safe by wearing a mask, social distancing by 6 feet where possible, and washing your hands thoroughly and regularly.”

Our team reported back on how they were about to participate in deeply inspiring, and safe, ways.

SanovaWorks Volunteer Day 2020

Courtney Cruickshank – On Friday, Brynn and I participated in ‘Save the Great South Bay‘ and cleaned up the beach in front of the Fire Island Lighthouse. It’s our second year in a row doing it, and we were happy to help rid the bay of plastics, balloons, and trash — and it’s a great socially distanced activity!

Signe Pihlstrand – I wrote 10 letters to seniors in senior residential facilities, and will be sending them off today to CMMP, who will send them to seniors in Louisiana or the Washington DC area. I told them about myself and my life, thoughts on life, sent some jokes, talked about the weather, and let them know that someone is thinking of them and that I’m glad they are safe and well during the pandemic. Hoping to send some good cheer and a chuckle to some seniors!

Sarah Shaak – I spent the day planning an hour long yoga class (talks and sequence) for stress relief in the pandemic. This was my first teaching attempt. YouTube Video coming soon!

Dana TurnerI helped [my son] Ashton’s class virtually by taking small groups on zoom and doing their daily reading so the teacher has a little help. She definitely needs it with 11 kindergarteners on Zoom all day long!

Lauren Schumacher – I sent e-mails and made phone calls to encourage people to sign up for Mental Health Colorado’s Tribute Gala. There will be some great silent auction items and it’s free to sign up! I also contacted businesses to try and get more silent auction items for our school fundraiser this year.

Thanks to Team Sanova, and everyone who takes time to give back in meaningful ways.


Shelley Tanner, President / CEO, SanovaWorks